TV scenarios for a convergent world


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Connected TV is one of today’s most widely discussed themes in the European TV industry, equally comprising Smart- and Mobile-TV, as well as such related issues as Second Screen. But the develop-ment is only just beginning - A development with the potential to fundamentally change the entire TV industry as we know it. What does this mean for media companies, content providers and broadcasters and, most of all, what does it mean for the legal framework and regulation in Europe? These issues are at the heart of EuroReg 2013, where they will be discussed in depth. Jointly supported by the Austrian Rundfunk and Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH (RTR-GmbH), the Austrian media authority KommAustria, the Federal Office for Communications (OFCOM) in Switzerland, as well as the German state media authorities. Following the success of the conferences in Berlin (2010) and Frankfurt (2011), the third EuroReg will be held in Vienna on May 24th.

Discussion and information are at the heart of the conference. Initiated by the German-speaking media authorities, EuroReg will nevertheless focus on the entire European landscape. The high-profile panel of experts for EuroReg 2013 consists of representatives from regulatory bodies, TV operators, media companies and broadcasters, masterminds and analysts from all parts of Europe. In times of globalisation and digitalisation, with strong competition blocks in American and Asia, not to mention the uncontrollable stream of data between the continents, the European states can only assert their cultural diversity and economic power by taking a common stand on key issues. This means that pan-European exchange, particularly on the topic of media, is gaining ever-growing significance.

EuroReg stands for bundled media competence on the European level, and for concentrated infor-mation with an international perspective, discussed controversially in small, concise discussion blocks - as opposed to head-on confrontations, or Power Point presentation-overload. For the first time, the “Power Pitches” section will be extended: brief. half-hour panels, each consisting of two experts, who - either pro or contra - will be presenting the essence of their positions. These blocks to be rounded off with broader panel discussions, going into the previously raised points in more detail and summarising the key issues.

EuroReg 2013 will tackles three thematic priorities: new distribution channels, further development of business models, increasingly transparent (advertising) target groups, with all their correspon-ding controversies. Lastly, a panel of experts will summarise the events of the day and clarify the resulting challenges facing regulatory efforts in Europe.



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